Casting call for “Angelique” the MusicalOpera

A new Australian-composed ‘MusicalOpera’ in the tradition of “Phantom of the Opera”. A Gothic Romance set in France in the 1800s.

A devout young woman must deal with the loss of her sister, her faith, her platonic love affair and her passions which have been aroused by an attractive Count, who offers her a surreal alternative to the tragedy and uncertainty of her mortal life.

The roles require a bit more than a Musical Theatre voice, some Operatic flair is desirable. Only six performances in June 2019 at SunPAC Theatre (Sunnybank, Queensland) (at this stage).

Auditions will be held early in February in Brisbane but please send your resume and an MP3 if interested to:

Production dates:

Rehearsals as required TBA




The Count is a Baritone: he is a 2000 year-old Vampire, but looks (and sounds) considerably younger! Looking for a passionate love match who sweeps Angelique off her feet! A Musical Theater (with Operatic training) voice with softness and power, a good vibrato is essential, as is the ability to act.


Lyric Soprano (b flat) (Christine Type Role) (with Musical Theatre experience (and/or Operatic). She is a devout young Opera Singer whose passion is roused by the Count. She is seduced by him. Good acting is a prerequiste as well as a lovely voice.

MARIE (Sister of Angelique)

A young soprano with coloratura ability also needs a good lower register (no belting?). She is a young soul, into fun and not restricted by convention or religion, as her sister is.


A young Tenor (G) - The love interest of Angelique also an Opera Singer and a Lieutenant in the French Army. He is dependable, ardent: the boy next door type. Angelique loves him but is not ‘in love’ with him, as she finds out when she meets the Count. No dramatic tenor requirements, just a lovely voice and personality.

CAMILLE (Angelique’s Mother)

Angelique’s mother is a Mezzosoprano role, she needs some ‘motherly’ richness in her voice, a voice which can emote, and she has the opportunity to kill the Count! She is Devout and a loving wife and mother.

ANTOINE DE CHABBANNES (Father of Angelique)

A Baritone role - F# to G. He is a Fatherly figure, father of Angelique and wife of Camille.


A Bass/Baritone role, Operatic in scope (G). He is resolute and has a big resounding voice which commands attention.


The Doctor is an Operatic sounding Bass/Baritone (E flat) and is one of the Count’s minions. The voice is round and dark. Not much of an acting part but both his pieces are vocally contrapuntal and demand good musicianship.


Joseph is a Baritone/tenor (F#) (a young vampire who falls for Marie). The voice needs to be able to convey hope and utter despair. It’s a small part but has a great pathetic solo scene.

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